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After 2 years I just couldn' t take it anymore. Weight loss after implanon removal No period after implanon removal All the information not a substitute for professional , live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, content medical advice. I am getting my implanon removed after 6 years and am hoping that the excess weight will be easier to shift as I have heard that implanon can make losing weight difficult.

It' s particularly hard trying to lose weight while being a stay at home mum because you spend a good part of your day preparing meals and cleaning up food mess. Will i lose weight after removing implanon. The weight you have gained while on Nexplanon will remain unless you work hard to shake it off. The key to losing weight is to watch your calories eat a well balanced diet exercise regularly.
I had my nexplanon removed 5 days ago, I HATED that thing constantly freaking out thinking I was pregnant. The horrible cramps random periods weight gain.

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Jun 15, · Some facts about Implanon, the progestin- only [ 68 mg etonogestrel ( 3- keto- desogestrel) ] single- rod implant device: 1. The contraceptive effect of Implanon is established within 24 hours after insertion; ovulation and fertility return within 1 month after the implant is removed.

The timing of insertion of Implanon is based on the patient’ s menstrual cycle and current contraceptive method:.

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Implanon NXT® Etonogestrel. Consumer Medicine Information. What is in this leaflet.

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This leaflet provides information that may help you in your decision to start using Implanon NXT. Hi, I have had the implanon now for 2 years and since then have experienced 6 month cycles of extreme depression and anxiety followed by periods where i return to my normal happy mood and behaviour.

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For the last month I have been feeling hightened level of anxitey, which have caused social withdrawal, and fellings of sadness and depression. Hey there ladies, just wondering who among you have had the implanon removed, and I wondered if afterwards it had any effect on your rate of weight loss, whether good or bad?

I' m about to get mine out tomorrow, after 3 years. Weight gain is caused by many things other than implanon.
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If it has been two months after Implanon has been removed and you have not lost weight then it was probably not from the implanon. Weight gain is generally caused by consuming more calories then you are burning off.