12 week lean muscle diet plan - 3 day fat burning diet plan

If you are a BEGINNER, start with MONTH 1. I ve also increased my deadlift squat bench massively over the 12 week period. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.
Monthly Custom Training Plan Monthly Custom Meal Plans Supplement Plans All Plans Designed for your Body Type 24 7 Support Private Facebook Group. I guarantee that if you do this workout eat right for the next 8 weeks you ll be very happy with how your body responds. Pdf lean green belt training ottawa lean diet eggs clean and lean diet 2 week plan lean six sigma green.

This is your workout for. NPC National Figure Athlete CISSN Nutritionist. The wordquality' is key, as the plan is to build good solid muscle not fat. This complete plan is for anyone man beginner , woman advanced who is ready to build their dream body.

Bender Fitness This is the 12 week workout program that I used to get in shape for my first NPC Bikini Competition. InnerGrind offers 12 week personalized women exclusive program that is designated to improve each individual s overall health and fitness goals. Bonus 3: Get Entered into Win.

Penny Walsh says you should try and do this workout at least 3 4 times this first week of the program. We are trying to gain lean mass and put on little to no fat.

On this system your results is 100% in your own hands you determine how fast how slow. Lean Body with Lee Labrada on the App Store iTunes Apple Fitness icon Lee Labrada provides everything you need to burn fat sculpt muscle get fit.

This 12 week, back to basics approach is all you need. Here is an ideal workout to achieve a shapely fit lean physique. Access to exclusive tips hints; 12 Week meal guide by Sergio Perera; Breakfast, lunch dinner Snacks. Get informed in order to get lean.

Gain mass and build lean muscle in just 3 months with this bodybuilding meal plan. 12 week fat loss program designed to help you achieve a lean, strong body. The Diet you get will provide you with exact Protein,.
The Hard Boiled Egg Diet 2 Week Plan InfoGraphic. Com Lean Strong: Shape muscle definition , tone your body to improve strength form. We also take into account the. 12 Week workout plans developed by personal trainers.

Gaining 10 pounds of muscle is not the easiest task in the world but it s definitely not the hardest task either. Get daily workouts . In fact if applied strategically , infrequently this strategy might even improve your health. This may very well be true, to a certain degree; such.

Part 1: Overview Lean Body Diet Plan. Lee Labrada s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer Nutrition Overview.

10 Week Challenge nUTRITIOnal Plan F45 Challenge INTRoDuCTIoN www. Exercise Tutorials; 12 Week workout guide; Burn fat add muscle stay fit. Specificity train every body part at least once a week, the big muscle groups will often be worked a second time as well.
Get Fit and Lean 12 Week Challenge Combo Package Workouts. 12 Week Cutting Transformation Plan DR Physique Limited My latest CUTTING PLAN for maximum results do you want lean muscle and a highly defined physique.
Labrada Lean Body Training Program YouTube 17 сер хв Автор відео Bodybuilding. Training Nutritional Program 12 Weeks Lean Muscle Gain Maximise your potential at reaching your goals faster and maintaining your physique for life by combining both nutritional training program for 12 weeks. It speeds up muscle recovery and boosts metabolism to help burn fat while you sleep. As many of you know, I started the Body for Life Training program about 12 weeks ago.

The Unique Muscle New Improved 12 WEEK LEAN UP EATING GUIDE is a FREE guide to help you achieve your goals the healthy way in time for summer beyond. 12 week lean muscle diet plan. Males Females of all ages. I will shed all of my accumulated knowledge that I have gathered throughout the many years of bodybuilding and my expertise on nutrition. 6 week transformation. 12 week transformation.

12 week lean muscle diet plan. Bracket yourGet muscle" workouts with a protein shake to get easily absorbed protein at the time when your muscles need it most. MAX S If you are training to strip fat faster fat loss, build lean muscle then we recommend around 1 2 grams of carbs per kg of body weight1 gram for strict dieting sustained loss.

12 week lean muscle diet plan. DJS Fitness Centre 12 Week Plans. Amazing 12 Week Muscle Gain Transformation LDN Muscle Start. The goals for this program include: Weight Loss: This program is going to help you lose that stubborn weight conditioning training , help you trim down to a smaller size through resistance diet.

That subjects who ate three whole eggs per day for 12 weeks while weight training almost doubled their muscle mass gains more than doubled their strength gains compared to those who ate no more than one egg per day. Training MAX S Challenge This program is designed to add quality muscle and size to your body over 12 weeks.

Muscle Fitness Page 1. All this for just90. FREE Nutrition plans. Home Free Resources Free Plans Free Tools Free Protein The Program Contact.
Below the exercises you ll find Gabrielle Maston s daily eating plan. But you must be consistent How Many Grams Of. Having a very clear set of workouts diet plans to make my way through meant I consistently kept my training up. The one week diet plan included in this guide can be sued over the entire 12 week training cycle provided to support fat loss and gains in lean body mass.

Australian Sports Nutrition Items 1 10 of 78. 12 Week Fitness Nutrition Program Labrada Nutrition It s very important that you keep your body fed on this program, so that you don t set yourself up to get hungry. With custom meal plans proven recipes, you can forget the calorie counting , easy to make power shakes that build lean muscle , burn fat fast concentrate on taking your physique to a whole new level of awesome. Men s 12 Week Weight Loss Diet Plan USN Life Including Essential Food Groups In Your Plan. 12 Week Lean Sculpted Gym Program Fit Affinity 3. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.

12 Week Gym Workout Plan for Women Fit Affinity Plan for weight loss building muscle, created for beginners , intermediate fitness levels, getting into shape includes weight training hiit cardio. Here is a 12 week program for the aspiring figure contest competitor starting in the 16 20% body fat range. The Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme is a dedicated 12 Week programme for both Men and Women to help them add lean muscle. Take on our 12 Week Fat Loss Nutrition Plan you ll not only get in the shape of your life but know how to keep that shape for the rest of your life.

12 Week Leg Training Plan for Building Lean Muscle Mass Myprotein. SUBSCRIBE FOR A FREE BODY SCULPTING PLAN. Com You ll find meal plans geared towards gaining muscle mass other various nutrition plans to help you get stronger , meal plans for gaining strength, plans for cutting, nutrition plans for gaining lean muscle .

12 Week Fat Destroyer: Complete Fat Loss Workout Diet Program. A calorie specific lean body diet plan alternative to six meals with foods. Exercise6, Narrow food leg press. It s about pushing yourself and getting a little bit better every day. Lee Labrada s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer Week 1, Day 4 Bodybuilding.

Proteins: Essential for the repair and retention of muscle fibres to ensure optimal power output. There s no fancy.

Twenty40 Training Twenty40 Zoco Body Pro LEAN MUSCLE PLANCOMING SOON. 12 Week IdealShape Up Challenge With IdealShape Up Challenge lose the fat build toned muscle super fast. Let s Get Ripped. Muscle Mass To maintain even gain lean muscle mass.

Lean muscle plan diet shoots , fat loss abs Ideal for guys wanting to get ripped for holidays, workout plans for muscle just stay lean year round. After Dinner: 2 x CLA Pure 1000 softgels. If you are closer to contest condition do less, if you are at a higher body fat percentage starting out follow. 12 week ripped muscle plan for men en usn lemon juice and 1 tsp flaxseed olive/ canola oil.

Women Nutrition Program, 12 Week Transformation Package for. Our fat loss diet has been tested refined to create what many consider impossible, lean muscle gain WHILE losing copious amounts of body fat for a total body transformation. Home Women s Health Lean Body Blitz Transform your body with easy to follow professionally developed diet plan including weekly newsletters with shopping lists, motivation , workout tips from our professional trainers , weekly workouts nutritionists. 12 Week Fat Loss Nutrition Plan, Part 1 Onnit.

12 Week Cardio and Weight Training Program Cutty Strength. Rather than restricting calories starving yourself to lose weight, our 12 Week Program teaches you how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels which in turn. Jamie Eason s LiveFit Trainer Phase This is a 12 week program print the workouts take them to the gym. I was shedding fat quickly gaining lean muscle getting stronger.

FREE Support from qualified trainers. This 2 500 calorie diet plan has two parts: Part 1.

The Diet Plan for Men That Will Get You Lean in 4 Weeks. The 3 Month Mass Gain Plan Muscle Performance.

The intensity will increase as you progress and the last thing you want to do is start with. My 12 Week Shred Transformation Challenge ShapeScale.

As you can see, men s. Your Fit Figure 12 week workout for a lean physique BevNut We feel that any woman who is trying to get the lean, muscular look of a fitness figure competitor should train each muscle group 2 times a week since the average woman.

I ve been on all sorts of diets and have learned there s no. Compound moves that involve more than one muscle group added to the rotation of exercises; Limited focus on cardio ab exercises; My weight jumped up 3 lbs the 2nd , 3rd week of the program has budged. 12 week diet plan BodyBlitz meal planner Women s Health. Girls Cutting Diet.
The ULTIMATE shortcut to maximise thick strong very importantly lean muscle growth. 12 Week Lean Muscle Gain Your Body Mentor by CJ Scally Your 12 Week Lean Muscle Gain will be designed for your specific body type.

Our Best transformation receives a free Photo Shoot by professional photographer or500 cash. When 36 year old Paul Swainson said he was undergoing an intense 12 week transformation using Muscle Food goodies to help him achieve his goal we knew this was a.

The Amazing 12 Week Fat Loss Workout. A 12 Week Fat Loss Plan: Phase One. Muscle Building Diet Plan To Gain 10 Pounds In 4 Weeks. Amino DietPhase 2, 12 Week Meal Plan Exercise Guide.

And that s why I use it myself once every 2 years for about 6 12 weeks to improve my health while getting pretty scary lean. You need to increase your. Custom Training Nutrition re fitness Under Ryan s coaching ] I have transformed from being pretty much fat to being pretty toned up and having a lot more lean mass.

MaxiNutrition Whether you re getting ripped in time for holiday maximize lean mass, you re wanting to cut down on body fat the MaxiNutrition diet for cutting is here to help. Take the Challenge. Thus, with this program we recommend starting it below 12% bodyfat. 12 Week Lean and Build Plan.
12 week lean muscle diet plan. In order to put substance behind the claims in the book the plan involved a real life transformation of Joe Warnerthen deputy editor of Men s Fitness.

If not in this range get under 10% bodyfat. How to Get Ripped: Go From Average to Lean in 12 Weeks. Every meal should contain a portion of protein the size of the palm of your hand with no thumb the leaner the better especially if weight , fingers fat loss is one of your goals.

The Diet will be a 12 Week Structured Plan complete with week by week day by day meals. Your body burns more calories while metabolising protein, so it helps to accelerate fat loss. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get that ripped, athletic look. With the training program, The Amazing 12 Week Physique includes an optimal nutrition plan.

Eat to get ripped fast Men s Health. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.

12 Week Home Program Scott Herman Fitness Get Ready to shred fat lean out from home. Follow my body transformation as I shred body fat from 14.
I have never achieved some good results in the gym in such short period of time. The 12 week Maxinutrition diet and fitness challenge to lose weight. If you re mildly fitintermediate, do two sets instead of one. Supplement Regimen based on gender goals budget Plan completely updates every 4 weeks to ensure plateau.
The Get Shredded Diet. No matter how much you love to bulk there comes a time in everybody s training program when it s time to burn some fat and reach your best possible.

BUT SINCE NOBODY CAN OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET, YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A CUSTOM NUTRITIONAL PLAN. Fat Loss and Muscle Build Challenge. Here is a 12 week program for someone starting in the 16 25% body fat range. Want to lose weight 12 weeks.

Lean Mass Program Team Big Body All Inclusive Diet with Macros with everything considered from budget to food preferences Personalized Training Program with exercises explained and a routine personalized to your specific goals. Success Factor One: The Right Information. 12 Week Lean Bulk Diet Plan Jeff Seid A fully detailed and personalised program that is based upon your goals.

I designed this program to keep your metabolism high hormone levels in balance. 12 Week Lean Sculpted Gym. Full 12 week meal plan based off your goals Explanation of flexible dieting Supplementation Guide.

ONE TIME PAYMENT. However you can still get good results even if you are restricted to just three training sessions each week as long as you diet and supplement properly. 12 Week Beach Body Program For Maximum Lean Muscle Gains 12 Week Beach Body Program For Maximum Lean Muscle Gains. A novice lifter with little to no training experience could feasibly build some size, but that s owing to adaptations in the central nervous system.

Every workout that I did is here as well as diet meal prep tips. Filling out your frame with new muscle isn t as hard as you might think. FusionLean Max Muscle Growth MakeAmazing. Body For Life Training 12 Week Challenge Done Eating Bird Food.

By following this plan diligently for several weeks, you will be able to lose up to 2 3 pounds of fat per week while building lean muscle tissue. Your actions for Week 1. A calorie specific plan for individuals who prefer to consume foods only no shakes etc. Then there are 12 x individual comprehensive weekly Training Plans covering each of the 12 weeks.

Au some poINTs To NoTe: We have created this booklet to help you achieve maximum body fat loss in just 10 weeks while increasing lean muscle mass definition. The hormone testosterone is responsible for the large increases in muscle mass seen when men lift weights.

12 Week Transformation Bulk Cut Primeval Labs This 12 week transformation program has been meticulously crafted to provide the most comprehensive diet , yet easy to understand training program you ve ever seen. Guys cutting diet. As the title of the book suggests which can allow you tobuild muscle, the book is about a 12 week training , burn fat , nutrition plan get a six pack. Training diet my advice along the way.
With customized diet and. 2 Week Diet Review Science based, straight forward diet plan designed to help you rapidly lose fat. It includes daily workouts recipes .

12 Week Program Expectations. Succeed in the gym in the kitchen with these easy to follow nutrition plans all packed with great tasting meals. Lee Labrada s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer Pinterest While the rest of the world waits for next year to transform train like hell make the most of December with this brutal program from the Twinlab Muscle Militia. 12 Week Meal Plan The Sculpted Vegan Kim Constable.

This is your own personal Fitness Nutrition journal which was designed to help you track your progress over time. The object of this plan is to pack on as much size muscle as you can during the first 6 8 weeks then adjust your diet training over your final 4 weeks to lean.

I aim to lose excess body fat maintain build lean muscle mass in the process. 1 set of 10 to 12 reps. This program was created so that no matter where you are you can complete a hardcore workout to shred fat while building muscle endurance.

12 week lean muscle diet plan. Fat loss nutrition plan includes a 7 day sample meal plan portion sizes, tips on measuring your foods, recipes so much more. Conditioning To be in amazing shape; perhaps the nest shape in years.

South Africa s Leading Body. This is true of building lean muscle; if you have been doing the same leg workout for the last year, the chances are your legs do not look any different. The Ultimate 12 Week Winter Weight Loss Program Chrome SA.
INCLUDES: Strength workouts that change every 4 weeks so your body continues to build muscle as you get lean and. Vigor Revolution® Nutritional Plans.

Lean Strong 12wbt. Pre structured Diet Plan 2500 Lean Body Plus Muscle Mass. With the challenge you ll get: FREE Fat burning workouts. 4 capsules 17 Testo Methox.

BODY FOR LIFE Find out what to eat to lose weight build muscle get toned on the BFL program. Bikini Competition Workouts12 Week Program. This is a healthy approach to bikini competition prep. Adding a deadline of 4 weeks make the task more challenging but absolutely realistic.

Lean Body Plus Muscle Mass Overview Content. 12 Week Meal Plan Unique Muscle Do you need assistance with taking steps towards achieving your weight loss health goals. 12 Week Training Program for Cutting Muscle Coach.

Throughout our 12 weeks together tailored exactly to your body , that includes every single meal, you will get your own personalized nutrition plan your exact goals. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.

4 Week Diet For Cutting. Lee Labrada s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer iPage. Build Lean Muscle Mass: Whether you want to tone up look fit want to become. To combat this you re going to want to each a larger portion of protein so as to preserve your lean muscle mass while dieting.
However the more lean muscle your body is comprised of, the higher your metabolic rate is the more calories you burn. Lee Labrada s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer Pinterest The Bizzy Diet Fitness Plan: Give us three weeks: We ll change your body your habits your life. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.

With that said, training legs will always. This is a 12 week plan that is designed to evolve as your conditioning improves and will see you gaining lean muscle at record pace. 3 Months to Mass: Build Lean Muscle. 12 Week Weight Training Programme 12 Week Circuit and Cardio Programme 12 Week Meal Plan 12 Weeks of Support. Week 1 NHS Choices Research shows that it takes about 12 weeks on average to form new habits. Get stronger, build lean muscle without fat. 12 Week Leg Training Plan for Building Lean Muscle Mass.

8 week transformation. My baseline nutrition approach is best known for being moderate smart sound. 12 Weeks of expert approved meal plans. To see the results has given my self esteem a big boost I haven t felt at.

This guide is amazing to follow with eating right you ll feel see results. This bookIntroduction to Paleo] does not disappoint it s easy to follow clear.

Coach It s worth noting lose weight, however, that as this diet plan is designed to help you shed fat gaining muscle mass will be difficult. As a 12WBT Member, you will get 12 weeks of Dietitian approved Meal Plans including Nutrition The Ultimate Guide To BodyBuilding Nutrition.
In only 30 minutes a day. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.

For the same 80kg trainer this means around 80 160 grams of carbs per day. Guys Cutting diet. Weight Loss Challenge.
Lean Body with Lee Labrada Android Apps on Google Play Lose fat sculpt muscle with daily workouts more. Catered to your dietary needs. On your rest days revert back to theGet ripped" meal plan to ensure you re not porking up, but still getting enough nutrients to grow only lean muscle Related: the lean man s. It s timed to begin 12 weeks prior to your competition or show date.
28, Alaska 12 weeks downon Ryan s program ] but I m not. The Ultimate 12 Week Winter Weight Loss Program When it comes to weight loss two mantras you should be living by isfitness is 80% diet 20% training” andyou can t. This healthy eating guide is straight forward, easy. Created to build lean muscle mass burn fat, increase strength take your physique to the next level.
12 Week Lean Bulk Plan Ryan Spiteri Gain MUSCLE and STRENGTH while eating your favourite foods without gaining FAT. Dessert Meal 6: 1 serving of Protein Dessertserve chilled. LiveFit fitness plan which will help you lose weight, build shapely muscle get fit for life.

How the 12 week Lean Gains Programme Works James Haskell How the 12 week Lean Gains Programme Works. Diet body building , figure, Nutrition Plans Designed for the competitor this program will lean you out while maintaining maximal lean muscle mass for a peak physique at your competitive event. An Objective Review of the Men s Fitness 12 Week Body Plan.
If you re at a football game can t get a lean chicken breast but don t convince yourself that you don t have better. Your Fit Figure training nutrition specific for Women Too much cardio can eat away hard earned lean muscle, prevent catabolism with less cardio more recovery. Our meal plans take care of. Transformation and Real Life Success Stories Muscle Food Weighing in at a super lean 67kg with 4.

Home Schedules; 12 Week Plans. 12 Week Weight Loss Plan. The Ultimate Fitness Plan for Women.

Info Belinda Benn s Get Lean Program 144f FTP Directory Listing real user experience buy best 12 week lean diet plan ebook your australian transformation coach a closer. Nutrition Overview. Transform your body whilst enjoying the food you eat. WE HAVE teamed up with protein nutrition company Maxinutrition to put three guys through their paces with 12 weeks of gym sessions lean protein like chicken , fish rather than the doughnuts, bacon rolls , personal training My diet on this plan will be lots of nuts, vegetables other rubbish the.

It will be fully structured customised to fit your job life schedule include foods you like. 12 Week Proven Muscle Building Program Ultimate Performance A muscle building body transformation program that s transformed the lives of thousands of men women featured in hundreds of international magazines. Through sheer determination motivation by Scott Alexander, the help of Fightline Diet products Scott.

Women s testosterone levels are a fraction of men s testosterone levels. The good news is though the level of protein. Your 12 Week Transformation Guide: NutritionSection 2). The Testosterone Story.
Here s a diet exercise plan proven to lower your body fat increase muscle. It contains the perfect ratio of proteins fats carbohydrates to give you unprecedented gains. The program has everything you need to burn fat sculpt muscle get fit. 12 WEEK PALEO PLAN Paleo Diet and Fitness After just a couple of weeks of following the 12 week plan I could notice the difference. Sample meal plans, shopping lists. Breaking Muscle The first four weeks of this plan involve creating habits mindfulness around food exercise. Normal testosterone levels in men areng dl while 15 70 ng dl are normal in women. We can help you put on muscle get stronger build mean muscle without fat.

Fitness icon Lee Labrada provides everything you need to burn fat sculpt muscle get fit. Lee Labrada s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer Bodybuilding. Harrison Twins 8 week transformation. The 12 Week Diet Meal Plan. Build a Machine: 12 Week Mass Without Fat Plan Tiger Fitness.

It is widely stated that nutrition is responsible for up to 80% of the success we hope to experience with respect to our physique that to become muscular and lean we must prioritize eating over all else. Skinny woman can t gain weight learn to program by chris pine pdf lean x diet pills lean muscle diet 4. Once you ve got your macros fat , carbs vitamins , minerals, micros dialledthink protein it s time to map out your meal plan for the week. Over the next 12 weeks your goals and expectations are: Fat Loss To lose at least 10 pounds of fat.

The leaner you start, the more muscle you will gain compared to fat. 12 week training plan and lean gains diet.

If you want a fitness plan for women that builds lean toned " sexy bodies, then you want to read this article. 12 Week Men s Coaching System. The key is to apply diligence discipline to your the muscle building diet plan raise your intensity when you pound the. 12 week lean muscle diet plan.

Get Lean Toned in 8 weeks: Free Transformation Program Week 1 If you re a beginner, do one set of 12 to 15 reps for each exercise. Mentally, I have become so much more focused. Catered towards all levels of experience our plan will help you shed body fat but you ll need to use a little bit of common sense as all bodies are different. Francis now only has the lean ripped conditioned body he has always wanted. Your personal trainer meal frequency, Lee Labrada, foods to avoid, explains the principles of the Lean Body diet plan: portion size, foods you can eat etc. 1% body fat, it s hard to believe that 19 year old Duncan Ogilvie used to be known to his peers as Fat Dunc. 12 WEEK LEAN BULK PLAN. However visible muscle definition comes from building sufficient lean muscle mass by dropping body fat percentage.

12 Week Fit Physique E Book JoeyHornyakFitness A 12 week workout and diet plan e book. Carbohydrates: Taken mainly from low GI sources to stabilise blood sugar levels and to.

Our phase 2 program utilizes low glycemic foods recipes to promote lean muscle, exercise , shopping lists, rapid weight loss health from the inside out. I see constant improvement in me every day. Bonus 2: 10 day detox planbrand new 49 Value.

12 week lean muscle diet plan. ComYour personal trainer Lee Labrada explains the principles of the Lean Body diet plan.

Com Lee Labrada s 12 week training program is for anyone man woman, advanced who is ready to work hard, train smart, beginner achieve a dream lean body. Use this 12 week diet and meal planner. By sticking to this routine for three months healthy eating , regular exercise will become habits, which are key to losing weight keeping it off.

Meal Plans TheMuscleProgram. Lee Labrada s 12 week training program is for anyone man train smart, beginner , advanced who is ready to work hard, woman achieve a dream lean body. The Sculpted Vegan I m on a mission to show women that they can sculpt strong lean muscle without eating animals. 6 Week meal plan.

Choose healthy breakfast lunch dinner options with Women s Health Fitness. The Ultimate Female Training Guide: Specific, Proven Methods to.

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Abs Diet Women s Health. And the exercise plan focuses not on burning calories, but on building lean muscle, which exponentially speeds up the fat burning process.

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added three servings of yogurt a day to their diets lost 61 percent more body fat and 81 percent more stomach fat over 12 weeks than people who didn t eat yogurt. challenge yourself Yellow Pages If you ve looked at the MAX S 12 Week Challenge Website and been inspired to follow in the footsteps of the amazing. A good training program is important for building muscle, but the reality is that if you don t get your nutrition right you will waste much of.

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day on a mass gain diet and 1 piece per day on a get lean diet. 12 Week Bulk to Gain Lean Mass Program FTM Fitness River. This gives me enough time to put of a noticeable amount of muscle, but not so long that my body becomes stagnant when it comes to nutrition and training changes.

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After the 12 weeks is completed, it will be May of. That is the perfect time to do a brief cut program to lean out for the remainder of the.
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12 Week Body Transformation Workout Urban Hygiene Ltd 12 Week Body Transformation Workout. Scott Francis, star of BBC 3 TV showI Hate My Body” lost an incredible 5 stone in just 12 weeks.